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Maryam Borghée

Maryam Borghée is writing a doctoral thesis in social sciences at the Practical School for High Studies. Her work focuses on the mobilisation of marginal Islamic group identities in Europe and her area of expertise is the religious experience of a young generation of Muslims who defend the right to their faith whilst remaining anchored in occidentality. Her research concentrates on Sunni fundamentalism, salafism, the political awakening and subjectification of socially excluded Muslims, and the cultural conflicts these processes engender.

Born in Tehran, Ms Borghée is now a Swiss citizen. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree from the University of Pantheon-Sorbonne, Paris, and continued her studies at the French School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences, graduating with a Master's degree in Sociology. In 2011, she obtained a studentship in Dresden, Germany, for an interdisciplinary programme at the Technische Universität ("Transcendence and common sense" research group). In 2012, she published her original investigation titled "Voile integral en France, Sociologie d'un paradoxe" (Éditions Michalon).

The sociologist intends to fully benefit from the seminars organised by the European Doctoral Programme – particularly in Berlin, a city that she loves – to bolster her theoretical and methodological knowledge in social science and humanities, to contribute to stimulating intellectual debates with other researchers and professors from around the world, and to perform ethnographical fieldwork. She welcomes this studentship as an unexpected opportunity that will help her conduct her transnational research under exceptional material conditions.